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Crime Scene Investigator Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Crime Scene Investigator - Essay Example The ability to recognize and collect physical evidence properly is always invaluable in solving violent crimes as well as during prosecution. As a matter of fact, the role of a crime scene investigator is in most court cases very critical as he/she is the determining factor as to whether physical proof will be applied while prosecuting or solving violent criminal acts (Crime Scene Investigator Network, n.d). It is important to note that the investigation of a crime scene can either be straightforward or it can come with challenges, which would call for a multidisciplinary approach in order to resolve them. To start with, the investigator can get the wrong impression of the crime scene – for instance, a crime scene that seems to be accidental fire may have been staged to conceal further crimes. Therefore, hurried conclusions may make the investigator to miss out on important clues. The investigator should therefore know that every item that catches his/her attention is importan t and he/she should document it. He/she should thus be observant and diligent following standard procedures for every kind of scene response (Fish, Miller & Braswell, 2010). On arriving at the scene of crime, a crime scene-investigator must do various things and process lots of information. To start with, he/she should start by having a brief interview meeting with the first reporting officer on the scene as well as the lead detective in order to obtain information that can assist him/her comprehend what happened, when it occurred and the order of the events that took place (Domnauer, 2007). This should happen without the investigator getting too much information that is likely to taint his/her perspective. Instead, it should be sharpened in such a way that he/she is able to take the information that he/she received previously and mesh it with that which he/she gathered at the crime scene thereby enabling him/her to come to an impartial and logical determination of the events. In ot her words, the investigator should present the court with an accurate and true crime scene representation remaining unbiased as well as objective all through the proceedings. He/she should leave it for the court to weigh the value of the evidence and determine innocence or guilt (Fish, Miller & Braswell, 2010). Crime Scene Investigator Network (n.d) further records that a crime scene investigator has no substitute for a thoughtful and careful approach, and that he/she must not jump into making immediate conclusions regarding what happened founded on limited evidence. Instead, he/she must come up with several different theories of the crime, keeping those that incoming information at the scene do not eliminate. Rational deductions regarding what happened are generated from information from witnesses as well as the scene appearance. These theories assist in guiding the investigator in documenting specific conditions and identify valuable proof. According to Ruslander (2007), a crime s cene

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Why Golf Is a Sport Essay Example for Free

Why Golf Is a Sport Essay A matter of opinion has separated a variety of sports enthusiasts apart, due to the ongoing debate of whether golf is a sport or simply a skill. Famed golfer Arnold Palmer declared, â€Å"Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated; it satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect. It is at the same time rewarding and maddening – and it is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented. (ThinkQuest. com)† These words state what every athlete experiences and feels when he/she is turning a double play, making the game winning three point shot, or throwing a hail mary pass for a touchdown. Golfers are athletes too, they train for that big moment just like any other athlete, but they do it individually and gain the glory for themselves. Golf has increasingly become known not as a sport, but as a skill, which is a huge misconception that I intend to set the facts straight. The definition of a sport is narrowly defined, and to one its own opinion, but Golf is a competition just like every other sport, winning is its pinnacle. Golf requires the number one characteristic that is vital to all sports – hand-eye coordination. These men and women use their athletic ability to reach the top of their game. Golf takes sports to a different level and is played on its own terms. To each his own opinion, but why has the definition of â€Å"a sport† being termed as so narrowly? The NCAA defines a sport as: An institutional activity involving physical exertion with the purpose of competition versus other teams or individuals within a collegiate competition structure. Furthermore, sport includes regularly scheduled team and/or individual, head-to-head competition (at least five) within a defined competitive season(s); and standardized rules with rating/scoring systems ratified by official regulatory agencies and governing bodies. Baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and even golf display these qualities of what is defined as a sport. There has been a considerable amount of people who tend to disclose golf as a sport, only a skill or activity. Yet, many people object the physical exertion aspect with golf, that it does not require any. These objectors who say golf should not be included in that defined group are ignorant to athletics and its regulations. My definition of a sport is a competition that involves athletes who play to win within a certain structure of rules and regulations. Anyone can be an athlete; they do not have to be good to play a sport, as long as they try with some effort. A sport requires certain qualities of an individual too that it can not be without. Hand-eye coordination is vital to every sport out there. A basketball player has to shoot the ball into the hoop, a football player has to throw the ball to an open receiver, a baseball player has to swing a bat to hit a 95 mile per hour fastball, and golfers have to swing their club and hit a tiny ball a couple hundred yards. It is the number one aspect that is required in all sports. Although it is common to associate sports with many other qualities. The â€Å"manly† qualities of other sports such as cheerleaders and fights usually are not included in golf, some figure because it is missing these qualities, that it should not even be considered a sport. â€Å"Cheerleaders are important to sports. They keep the crowd excited; they keep the participants enthused about winning; and they give you something else to look at when the action on the field of play grinds to a halt. With golf theres not a lot of action to begin with. (Irvin)† Although golf is missing the appendages that invigorate other sports with such audacity, the onlookers respect their golfers need for silence and concentration. It is a sport which requires a massive amount of concentration, just like any other sport. Irvin states his idea that cheerleaders are important to sports, when in fact; cheerleading has nothing to do at all with the style of play. He is right that they keep the crowd excited, but that is the only reason why they are there, they do not play, they yell and dance. It makes me wonder why one would think that Golf needs to have cheerleaders to keep the crowd excited when the golfers need a massive amount of concentration. Yet regular sports fans forget that each sport is different, and that is what makes them stand out and appeal to others. Golf does not appeal to some, but a lot of people play the sport religiously, reason being – one does not have to be the typical in shape athlete that most are. Golfers are athletes too, and train to be good ones. Swinging a club and hitting a ball three hundred plus yards requires muscle strength in the torso and upper body. Golfers are just the kind of athletes who do not need to negotiate long-term big money contracts, and scratch themselves while being interviewed after play is over (Lowe). Golf is not a team sport either; it is an individual sport and the glory is captured for them, and they take pride and honor after an amazing feat as any athlete would. The honor and competitiveness of this sport has trickled down to the much supportive fan base. After exposing the truths and presenting evidence about one of the greatest sports ever to be played, we can no longer dispute golf as just a skill or activity, but declare Golf a real sport. It is important to sports enthusiasts everywhere that they have to look beyond the typical definition of a sport and expand their minds. Golfers are athletes too, playing for the top prize every time they step onto the course. Golf is gaining popularity by the second, no longer can it be said to be â€Å"not a real sport†. Golf justifies what every sport should be, the way it is played, the professional maturity that every golfer shows, and competition. Merriam Webster defines a sport as 1): physical activity engaged in for pleasure (2): a particular activity (as an athletic game) so engaged in. Golf qualifies as a sport according to this definition and until it is changed, it will remain one of the legendary sports to play.

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The Use of First Person Narration in The Cask of Amontillado Essay

The Use of First Person Narration in The Cask of Amontillado Edgar Allen Poe’s tale of murder and revenge, â€Å"The Cask of Amontillado†, offers a unique perspective into the mind of a deranged murderer. The effectiveness of the story is largely due to its first person point of view, which allows the reader a deeper involvement into the thoughts and motivations of the protagonist, Montresor. The first person narration results in an unbalanced viewpoint on the central conflict of the story, man versus man, because the reader knows very little about the thoughts of the antagonist, Fortunato. The setting of â€Å"The Cask of Amontillado†, in the dark catacombs of Montresor’s wine cellar, contributes to the story’s theme that some people will go to great lengths to fanatically defend their honor. Because Montresor narrates the story in the first person, the reader is able to perceive his thoughts and understand his motivations and justifications for his ruthless murder in a manner which a third person point of view would not allow. Montresor’s personal narration of the events of the story does not justify his crime in the audience’s eyes, but it does offer a unique opportunity for the audience to view a murder from the perspective of a madman killer. It is Poe’s usage of this unique angle that causes the story to be so captivating and gruesomely fascinating. As the story opens, Montresor explains why it is necessary that he â€Å"not only punish but punish with impunity† to avenge for Fortunado’s insult to him. This justification for his crime is a piece of information that the audience is able to learn only because they are permitted inside the mind of the protagonist. In the final scene, when Montresor is carrying out his murder pl.. . ...ause this statement reveals Montresor’s satisfaction in his belief that justice has been served through his actions when he has actually removed a body from its resting place in order to replace it with a live one. Edgar Allen Poe’s gruesomely fascinating tale of vengeance and murder, â€Å"The Cask of Amontillado†, achieves its effect only through its usage of the first person point of view. This unusual perspective enables the reader to view the characters and conflicts through the eyes of the narrator, as he first discusses and justifies, and eventually, carries out his plans for the ruthless murder of his friend. The eerie tone and disorienting and materialistically-related setting of the story contribute to its theme of defending one’s honor and name and avenging all wrongdoings, even something so small as an insult.

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Hypothesis Testing Is Undertaken Health And Social Care Essay

This chapter describes the methodological analysis used in the current survey that examines the relationship between emotional intelligence ( EI ) and burnout among nurses working in private infirmaries in Malaysia. Specifically, this chapter inside informations the research design selected by the research worker, population and sampling, trying processs, and informations aggregation method.3.2 Research DesignResearch design is a maestro program that specifies the methods and processs for roll uping and analysing informations needed for work outing a job ( Zikmund, 2003 ) . Harmonizing to Cooper and Schindler ( 2008 ) , research design is the design for aggregation, measuring, and analysis of informations. Sekaran and Bougie ( 2011 ) stated, â€Å" the research design involves a series of rational decision-making picks associating to the intent of the survey, the type of probe, the extent of research worker intervention, the survey scene, the unit of analysis, the clip skyline, the type of sample to be used every bit good as the measuring, informations aggregation methods, trying design, and informations analysis † . This survey used hypothetico-deductive method or a quantitative attack, whereby harmonizing to Creswell ( 2005 ) , a hypothetico-deductive method is â€Å" a type of educational research in which the research decides what to analyze, asks specific, narrows inquiries, collects numeral ( numbered ) informations from participants, analyzes these Numberss utilizing statistics, and conducts the enquiry in an indifferent and nonsubjective mode † . In short, hypothetico-deductive method is an enquiry into an identified job, based on proving a theory, measured with Numberss and analyzed utilizing statistical techniques. Therefore, the end of hypothetico-deductive method is to find whether the prognostic generalisations of a theory clasp true. This method besides provides a quick, cheap, efficient, and accurate agencies of measuring information about those who are involved in the survey ( Zikmund, 2003 ) . The intent of this survey was hypothesis testing. Based on the account given by Sekaran and Bougie ( 2011 ) , a hypothesis testing is undertaken to explicate the discrepancy in the dependant variable or to foretell organisational results. In this sense, the research worker wanted to cognize the nature of the relationship that may be established between EI and burnout by proving the hypothesis developed. Since the purpose of this survey is to set up a mensurable relationship between EI and burnout, thereby hypothetico-deductive attack is said to be more suited. This method is appropriate to analyze the relationship between variables and to find how much one variable contributes to the anticipation of another ( Creswell, 2005 ; Leedy & A ; Omrod, 2005 ) . Specifically, a hypothetico-deductive study method utilizing a descriptive correlativity design is used to prove the dealingss between all the variables of the survey. The correlativity research design is used when the relationships b etween variables are non considered causal, and where the relationship between two or more variables is determined ( Salkind, 2003 ) . In add-on, hypotheses are developed and tested to depict and explicate the nature of relationship between EI and burnout among the nurses working in private infirmaries. Sekaran and Bougie ( 2011 ) pointed out that the extent of intervention by the research worker with the normal of work in the workplace has a direct bearing on whether the survey undertaken is causal or correlativity. Since the correlational research was used, the survey was conducted in the natural environment of the organisation with minimum intervention by the research worker with the normal flow or work in noncontrieved scenes. In other words, informations were collected from the nurses involved in their workplace. Researcher did non alter any of the scene of their workplace whereby their day-to-day modus operandi occupations were minimally interfered when research was done. Apart from that, the informations were gathered merely one time. Hence, it was a cross-sectional survey. Figure 3.1 below shows the research design for the relevant survey. *diagram3.3 Population and SamplingThe population of research is â€Å" a group of possible participants to whom you want to generalise the consequences of the survey † ( Salkind, 2003 ) . Since there are no limited resources such as clip, cost, and human resources, it is non practical and about impossible to study the whole population. On the other manus, trying enables a research worker to garner information rapidly and besides reduces the cost and work force demands for informations aggregation. Sampling besides enables the research worker to do generalisation sing the whole population or parts of the whole population based on a little figure of elements ( Zikmund, 2003 ) . This subdivision discusses the sampling process, including population, unit of analysis, trying frame, trying design, and sample size.3.3.1 Population, Sampling Frame and Unit of AnalysisThe population for the survey consists of the staff nurses employed at three private infirmaries in Klang Valley, Mala ysia. ***3.3.2 Sampling DesignThis research focused on the private infirmaries in Klang Valley. The logic behind choosing the private infirmaries in Klang Valley is that the big and good equipment infirmaries are located in this country and they serve a higher denseness of population. The highest population densenesss are found in Kuala Lumpur, followed by Penang and Putrajaya ( 6,891, 1,490, and 1,478 individuals per square kilometer severally ) for the twelvemonth of 2010 ( Department of Statistics, Malaysia, 2012 ) . **Since the larger private infirmaries are focused in Klang Valley, they have besides higher bed capacity which is assumed to straight interpret to the figure of nurses being hired by these infirmaries. A sum of three private infirmaries in Klang Valley were selected with most of them holding a bed capacity of more than **200. Therefore, it can be assumed that rather a bulk of private infirmary nurses are located in the infirmaries in Klang Valley. Additionally, the elements that constituted as the sample of the research needed to be selected from the population. The procedure of choosing equal figure of elements from a population is called the sampling design. The major types of trying design include chance and non-probability sampling. In chance sampling, every component in the population has some known opportunities of choice whereas in non-probability sampling, the elements ‘ opportunity of being selected as sample topics is unknown ( Zikmund, 2003 ) . High generalizability of the findings and non being confidently generalizable are two specific features of chance and non-probability sampling severally ( Sekaran & A ; Bougie, 2011 ) . This survey utilised chance trying design to choose the single private infirmary staff nurses. The nurses were selected utilizing simple random trying to enable wider generalizability of the findings.3.3.3 Sample SizeThe determination about sample size is non based on a definite reply bu t depends on a figure of considerations ( Bryman & A ; Bell, 2007 ) . The sample size depends on three factors: ( 1 ) the type of informations analysis ; ( 2 ) the coveted truth of the consequences ; and ( 3 ) the population features ( Neuman, 2003 ) . Harmonizing to Sekaran and Bougie ( 2011 ) , the sample size is governed by the extent of preciseness, assurance desired, variableness in population, cost and clip restraint, and the size of population. The sample size should be big plenty to enable research workers to foretell the population parametric quantities within acceptable bounds. In general, two constituents of a good sample are its adequateness and representativeness. Since an optimum sample size besides helps in minimising the entire cost of trying mistake, hence an appropriate sample size must be chosen. Sekaran and Bougie ( 2011 ) stated a tabular array suggested by Krejcie and Morgan ( 1970 ) has greatly simplified the sample size determination to guarantee a good determination theoretical account. Since the population of this survey consist of ****xxx**** private infirmary staff nurses as identified earlier, hence based on the tabular array provided by Krejcie and Morgan, the sample size needed was at least, n=xxxx staff nurses.3.4 Data Collection MethodThis subdivision explains the method used for garnering informations. In this survey, secondary information every bit good as primary informations were involved. Secondary informations referred to the diary articles, public records, text editions, or any other information that were available for readings. From these informations, related countries and a figure of informations aggregation methods were studied and the most applicable 1s were chosen. On the other manus, primary informations resulted from a combination of two different set of questionnaires were developed specifically for each of the countries: EI and burnout. These questionnaires were combined along with the selected demographics variables. This subdivision further describes some advantages of carry oning a study utilizing questionnaires. It besides elaborates on each questionnaire that is used to mensurate the forecaster and standard variable of the current survey.3.4.1 Personally Administered QuestionnairesSurvey research workers collect quantitative and numeral informations utilizing questionnaires ( Creswell, 2005 ) . A questionnaire is â€Å" a pre-formulated written set of inquiries to which respondents record their replies within closely defined options † ( Sekaran & A ; Bougie, 2011 ) . Basically, questionnaires enable efficient informations aggregation when the research worker knows precisely what information is needed and how to mensurate the variables of the survey ( Sekaran & A ; Bougie, 2011 ) . Specifically, this survey used personally administered questionnaire studies method for informations aggregation and the instrument of the survey was developed by incorporating the points applied by the old research workers. Harmonizing to Sekaran and Bougie ( 2011 ) , the chief advantages of personally administered questionnaires include: ( 1 ) can set up resonance and motivate respondent ; ( 2 ) uncertainties can be clarified on the topographic point ; ( 3 ) less expensive and consumers less clip than questioning when administered to groups of respondents ; ( 4 ) about 100 % response rate ensured and responses could be collected within a short period of clip ; and ( 5 ) namelessness of respondent is high. To plan a good questionnaire, Sekaran and Bougie ( 2011 ) stated that it is advisable to include some negatively worded inquiries alternatively of give voicing all inquiries positively. Thereby, the inclination in respondents to automatically circle the points towards one terminal of the graduated table is minimized. Nevertheless, in instance this does still go on, the research worker has an chance to observe such prejudice. Hence, both positively and negatively worded inquiries are included in the questionnaire for current research. Apart from that, double-barrelled, equivocal, recall-dependant, prima, and loaded inquiries, every bit good as societal desirableness responses have to be avoided ( Sekaran and Bougie, 2011 ) . The sequence of inquiries should be such that the respondent is led from inquiries of a general nature to those that are more specific, and from inquiries that are comparatively easy to reply to those that are increasingly more hard ( Sekaran and Bougie, 2011 ) . An full research rests on the measuring instruments, which must be dependable, valid, and appropriate for replying the research inquiry of the survey ( Leeky & A ; Ormrod, 2005 ) . The usage of bing instruments ensures the quality of a study inquiries ( Cone & A ; Foster, 1993 ) . Using bing instruments to build a measuring questionnaire adds proved cogency, dependability, truth, and effectivity from past usage ( Creswell, 2005 ) . Therefore, the research worker adapted self-report bing instruments to mensurate all the concepts of the present research. All the self-report steps are discussed in inside informations in the undermentioned subdivisions. Schutte Self-Report Emotional Intelligence Test ( SSEIT )This survey utilized the Schutte Self-Report Emotional Intelligence Test ( SSEIT ) ( Schutte et al. ; 1998 ) to measure the EI of the nurses working in the private infirmaries selected. SSEIT was chosen after consideration of several alternate steps of EI, including point EQ- i ( Bar-On, 1997 ) , the ECI ( Boyatzis, Goleman & A ; Rhee, 2000 ) , and the MSCEIT ( Mayer, Salovey, Caruso & A ; Sitarenios, 2003 ) . These steps were non used because they are proprietary and necessitate considerable clip to administrate. On the other manus, SSEIT provides research worker with the ability to hit the informations, does non imply cost for usage of the instrument, and is less time-consuming for the research participants. The SSEIT which besides referred as the Assessing Emotions Scale is a self-report step that measures EI as defined by Salovey and Mayer ( 1990 ) . Schutte et Al. ( 1998 ) conducted a series of surveies to develop the graduated table and to find its cogency and dependability. A factor analysis of more than 60 points suggested a one-factor solution of 33 points. This one-factor solution resulted in scale points stand foring each of the undermentioned three classs: ( 1 ) assessment and look of emotion in the ego and others ; ( 2 ) ordinance of emotion in the ego and others ; and ( 3 ) use of emotions in work outing jobs. However, the most widely used subscales derived from the 33-item SSEIT graduated table are based on factors identified by Petrides and Furnham ( 2000 ) , Ciarrochi, Chan, and Bajgar ( 2001 ) , and Saklofske, Austin, and Minski ( 2003 ) . These factor analytic surveies suggested a four-factor solution for the 33 points. The four factors are described as: ( 1 ) Percept of Emotion ( 10 points ) ; ( 2 ) Pull offing Own Emotions ( 9 points ) ; ( 3 ) Pull offing Others ‘ Emotions ( 8 points ) ; and ( 4 ) Use of Emotion ( 6 points ) ( Ciarrochi et al. , 2001 ) . The SSEIT graduated table has been used and validated in several surveies ( Petrides & A ; Furnham, 2000 ; Schutte, Malouff, Bobik, Coston, Greeson, Jedlicka, Rhodes & A ; Wendorf, 2001 ; Schutte, Malouff, Simunek, McKenley & A ; Hollander, 2002 ; Charbonneau & A ; Nocol, 2002 ) . In add-on, an internal consistence analysis with two different samples showed a Cronbach alpha of 0.90 and 0.87 ( Schutte et al. , 1998 ) . The sample points of this instrument include: â€Å" I find it difficult to understand the gestural messages of other people † for Perception of Emotion ( PE ) , â€Å" When I am faced with obstructions, I remember times I faced similar obstructions and get the better of them † for Pull offing Own Emotions ( ME ) , â€Å" I know when to talk about my personal jobs to others † for Pull offing Others ‘ Emotions ( MOE ) , and â€Å" Some of the major events of my life have led me to re-evaluate what is of import and non of import † for Utilization of Emotion ( UE ) . The SSEIT was rated on a 5-point Likert graduated table as in the original instrument with responses runing from 1 ( strongly disagree ) to 5 ( strongly agree ) . Maslach Burnout Inventory-Human Service Survey ( MBI-HSS )Maslach ‘s Burnout Inventory ( MBI ) is normally used as a research tool in the current literature to mensurate the degree of burnout ( Lee, Ashforth & A ; Bla ke, 1990 ; Kanste, Miettunen & A ; Kyngas, 2006 ; Wu, Zhu, Wang, Wang & A ; Lan, 2007 ) . This survey measured nurse burnout utilizing the 22-item Maslach Burnout Inventory-Human Service Survey, 3rd edition ( MBI-HSS ) ( Maslach et al. , 1996 ) . MBI-HSS steps burnout among employees in human services establishments and wellness attention businesss such as nursing, societal work, psychological science, and ministry in footings of: ( 1 ) Emotional Exhaustion ( 9 points ) ; ( 2 ) Depersonalization ( 5 points ) ; and ( 3 ) Personal Accomplishment ( 8 points ) . The MBI-HSS has sound psychometric belongingss to guarantee dependability and cogency. MBI has demonstrated to hold concept cogency through the analysis of informations from a innovator instrument of 47 points administered to human service forces ( Maslach & A ; Jackson, 1981a ) . Convergent cogency surveies indicate the MBI-HSS graduated tables measure the same concept as other burnout instruments. Correlations of emotional exh austion and depersonalisation with other burnout self-report indexs are high ( rs & gt ; .50 ) , where as correlativities with personal achievement are slightly lower ( rs & gt ; .30 ) ( Schaufeli & A ; Enzmann, 1998 ) . Maslach et Al. ( 1996 ) reported internal consistence of MBI with dependability coefficients as follows: I ± = .90 for emotional exhaustion ( EE ) , I ± = .79 for depersonalisation ( DP ) , and I ± = .71 for decreased personal achievement ( PA ) . Furthermore, the test-retest dependability ranged from moderate to high. The test-retest dependability coefficients were as follows: EE ( .82 ) , DP ( .62 ) , and PA ( .80 ) . Sample points from Emotional Exhaustion ( EE ) subscale include: â€Å" I feel emotionally drained from my work. † Sample points from Depersonalization ( DP ) subscale include: â€Å" I feel I treat some patients as if they were impersonal objects. † Sample points from Personal Accomplishment ( PA ) subscale include: â€Å" I can easy understand how my patients feel about things. † Basically, nurse burnout was measured based on statements that concern feelings or attitudes about one ‘s work and how frequently those feelings occur. The frequence with which the nurses experience each point was measured on a 5-point Likert Scale anchored by Never ( 1 ) and Everyday ( 5 ) . Demographic DataIt is a affair of pick for the research worker whether inquiries seeking personal information of respondents should look at the beginning or at the terminal of the questionnaire ( Sekaran & A ; Bougie, 2011 ) . Harmonizing to Oppenheim ( 1986 ) , some research workers ask for personal informations at the terminal instead than the beginning of the questionnaire. Their logical thinking may be that by the clip the respondent reaches the terminal of the questionnaire, he or she has been convinced of the legitimacy and genuineness of the inquiries framed by the research worker and, therefore, is more inclined and conformable to portion personal information ( Sekaran & A ; Bougie, 2011 ) . On the other manus, research workers who prefer to arouse most of the personal information at the really beginning may speak up that one time respondents have shared some of their personal history, they may hold psychologically identified themselves with the questionnaire, and may experience a committedness to react ( Sekaran & A ; Bougie, 2011 ) . Both these methods of seeking personal information have their pros and cons. For current survey, demographic information of the respondents were requested on the last subdivision of the questionnaire. This portion includes demographic information such as age, gender, cultural group, matrimonial position, old ages of work experience, making, nursing class, and section. The respondents were required to click the appropriate replies. The study questionnaire can be found in Appendix A. The two chief instruments selected for this survey have shown concept cogency and dependability based on old surveies but they have non been tested in the Malayan context. Therefore, the dependabilities of all the instruments and content cogency were tested during the pre-test. The sum-up of the questionnaire with the dislocation of subdivisions and the description of each of the survey instruments is shown in Table 3.1.

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Khrushchev and Kennedy - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 7 Words: 2214 Downloads: 10 Date added: 2019/05/13 Category Politics Essay Level High school Tags: John F Kennedy Essay Did you like this example? Khrushchev and Kennedy: Who Had the Biggest Corn Cob? When asked to name 5 presidents off the top of their head prior to the 21st century, most of the American population would probably name John F. Kennedy as one of them. It appears that long after his assassination nearly 55 years ago, the reputation of the Kennedy administration is still dubbed as one of Americas greats. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Khrushchev and Kennedy" essay for you Create order Perhaps this has a great deal to do with his familys popularity in the public eye and not the actual proceedings of his administration. Although John F. Kennedy is revered as being one of the most beloved presidents in American History, the blatant reality of his term in office is that of a counterproductive and increasingly immature presidency as shown from his foreign relations and internal command of the military during the hottest part of the cold war. The result of this brash presidency is one that had left a lasting impression on foreign and global relations for decades to come. Before the dubbing of his power in office, Kennedy illustrated great intelligence on the subject of domestic allocation of funds (OBrien). As part of the most recent wave of economists at the time, Kennedy was soon to enact his new domestic plan for public funding and tax cuts. In this, John F. Kennedy was able to decrease the unemployment rate by over 3% and reduce taxes for the common man. This was not the only progress he made; Kennedy also prompted the development of urban refurbishing projects, modern health care systems, and the promotion of the American arts. These domestic reforms, however, do not encompass the entirety of Kennedys term, rather they act as a lovely kind of fluff for the American people in order to cover up his international diplomatic shortcomings (Schlesinger). This being supposed, conflict between the United States and Russia during the cold war was unlikely to come to an end anytime soon specifically because of key interactions between Kennedy and Khrushch ev. Perhaps one of the most decisive interactions Kennedy had with the Soviet Union was, in part, the Vienna Summit, whereupon the Kennedy and Khrushchev discussed the happenings of the Berlin Crisis. The Berlin Crisis was a culmination of conflicts that began in 1950 between Soviet and Allied military blockade forces occupying the East and West blocs of Berlin after World War II. This engagement escalated greatly in the years of 60 to 61 when Soviet forces pushed further for the removal of the Allied militia. However, given the poverty rate and risk for yet another uprising in Berlin after World War two, Allies repudiated the situation until there were no other options. When British, French, and American militaries refused to quell the conflict, the Berlin Crisis ensued, and the Vienna Summit was arranged to meet the demands of both sides (Carmichael). Prior to the Vienna Summit Khrushchev attempted on multiple occasions to meet with Kennedy. On February 22nd, 1961 he addressed Kennedy as such: I hope it will be possible, before too long, for us to meet personally for an informal exchange of views (Kempe). Khrushchev believed greatly that the affair of the Berlin Crisis and other foreign affairs could be settled quite easily if only Kennedy would speak to Khrushchev (Ashton). This meeting was entirely a failure: the poor negotiating diplomacy of the United States resulted in the building of the Berlin Wall (Kempe). Yet at this time in May of ?61, Kennedy addressed the funding of NASA as an urgent national need. By partaking in frivolous proxy campaigns rather than taking on Khrushchev directly, as recommended of his advisors, Kennedy attempted to divert the attention of the Soviets. In this, astonishing technological achievements were made at the expense of world peace with the series of competitive maneuvers by both Soviet and Non -Soviet forces called The Space Race (Space Program). However, this urgent need proved a flump, as in April of the same year, the Soviet Union had already launched the very first man in space during the Vostok Program which lasted from 1960-1963, resulting in the first woman in space in 64and the first space walk in 65. Thus illustrating Americas lag in aerospace technology behind the USSR more publically than ever (Hall and Shayler). Rather than meet openly with Khrushchev, Kennedy diverted tactics away from USSR. Given the recent Laos affair in February, Kennedy pulled focus towards the newly emerging Third world countries (Laos). This tactic could also be seen in the Bay of Pigs incident on April 17th of the same year. In the Bay of Pigs Defeat, the US experienced a failed invasion of yet another Second world country, costing the United States government 54 million dollars and the embarrassing defeat of our own invasion from a Soviet-allied nation (The Bay of Pigs). To put that in perspective, the average gallon of milk at the time cost $0.47 whereas it now exceeds $3.11, putting those measly 54 million dollars now at an estimated 445 million given an 8.27 inflation increase from 1961 to 2018 (National Retail Report-Dairy). This incident not only negatively impacted external affairs, but also ignited a huge controversy involving the CIA when their ties to the Mafia were revealed. In the 1975 publication by the Church Committee in Senate, the CIA had insured a monopoly on gaming, prostitution, and drugs for the Mafia, thus shifting the American popular opinion on their own country and the overall morality standard that Britain and France held of the US (Church Committee). Rather than learning from his mistakes in Laos and Cuba, Kennedy launched another set of forces to quell the Soviet uprisings in South East Asia in ?62. Through a series of events involving the 194th Armored Brigade and the second drafting of American men in the last 10 years the Vietnam War began. Extending long after Kennedys era, the Vietnam Wars informal declaration initiated the brutally savage and utterly futile 13-year involvement of American forces against the Viet Kong (Wilson). The Vietnam War was so brutal that forty years later when the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs conducted the first National Longitudinal Study on the impacts of PTSD, 11% of the male and 9% of female populations still experienced PTSD. Of those who still experienced PTSD from the Vietnam War in 1987, they had double the risk for death unrelated to suicide than those who did not still carry PTSD. This is only one of the effects of Vietnam on the American soldiers and does not enter into the impact that violently opposed public opinions of the war, and the soldiers, had on the unity of the United States population. Further, consideration also needs to be afforded regarding the tremendous emotional, mental, and economic toll that the war took on the already poverty-stricken civilians of Southern and Northern Vietnam (US Department of Veterans Affairs). On the contrary, instead of the diversions serving effectively to distract Khrushchev, Kennedys entertainment of such proxy wars only angered the USSR further. Kennedys actions then resulted in the Berlin Crisis of ?61 which prompted for the building the Berlin Wall. This wall did not just serve as a barrier between Soviet and Non-Soviet, but also a negotiating barrier between world superpowers that would solidify the relationship of Russia and the U.S. for years to come (Ashton). The Iron Curtain, as it were, set up the diplomatic wall between Russia, the United States, and even Cuba in the Missile Crisis of 1962. Rising closer and closer to mutual annihilation, the Cuban Missile Crisis breached a point that would scar worldviews for the next 55 years. Robert Kennedy, John F. Kennedys brother, insisted that the President did not want a military conflict and felt as though he had done everything possible to avoid a military engagement with Cuba and with the Soviet Union (Robert F. Kennedy). However, RFKs public position on the matter is far from the report Dobrynin, the Russian ambassador in Washington, gave to Khrushchev. In Dobrynin?s rather detailed report of his unofficial meeting with RFK, the string of events in the Cuban missile crisis seemingly had gotten so out of control that Kennedy was apprehensive about whether or not the military would overthrow him and seize power (Crankshaw). This, of course, was not a surprise as the aforementioned Jupiter Missiles already stationed in Turkey and Italy had undergone some extreme developments since 1957 (Hershberg). While the initial OK was given by Kennedy, plenty of military happenings were out of Kennedys hands in a time that required boundless attention to detail regarding milita ry involvement. The extremity of the situation was especially highlighted after the fiasco that was the Crisis of Berlin and the attempted overthrow of Cuba with the Bay of Pigs Invasion (or lack thereof). The nearing doomsday, nevertheless, did not stop the Joint Chiefs of Staff from pushing for a more aggressive response to the missiles in San Cristobal, Cuba; military command was illustrating yet again how little input was needed from the president to control the balance of the American and Russian futures (The Cuban Missile Crisis, October 1962). It was in those final moments that Kennedy gave the final say. Kennedy chose to mend the wrongs he had made in the past 13 days. This decision would label America as the peacemaker of the event, thus undermining the blatant candor: America was the aggressor. The entire year of 63 had been filled with triumphs and tragedies in American civil rights. Kennedy and his close relations acted as a forefront of this in pushing for Civil Rights Act which was enacted in 64 and the Equal Pay Act against gender discrimination. It is significant to note as well that Kennedy was not actually the one to carry through with these acts, rather, his predecessor Lyndon B. Johnson did without any credit of course (LBJ). In spite of all of the failures of 61 and 612, Kennedy served his last year on a high note for minorities across America, making him one of the most popular public figures in American popular culture. So, on November 22nd, 1964, when John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas the American people immortalized Kennedys administration in the 20th century rivaling only Franklin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan (A Nation in Upheaval, 1954-1975). Four days later, the United States people had very little to be grateful for that Thanksgiving, and so instead they made Kennedy a martyr. Despite the many shortcomings in the first two years of his presidency, John F. Kennedy is still seen as one of the most beloved presidents in United Stated History. In swooning the American people with lavishing reforms, the vile impacts of war, invasion, and political intimidation were all but washed away. Modern society took a more optimistic view of his candidacy, seeking the brighter side of a very dark era in place of the harsh reality of the United States past. Indeed, his reforms set a precedent in American civil rights and public funding, but it cannot be refuted that the mistakes of the Kennedy administration resulted in an even worse precedent of cold foreign policy for the days nearing closer to the end of the Soviet Union. Thus, history has donned a sweeter coat in defense of Kennedys short term as president. After all, no one can steal from a dead man, not even his reputation. Work Cited A Nation in Upheaval, 1954-1975. American History, ABC-CLIO, 2018, Accessed 10 Oct. 2018. Ashton, N. (2002). Kennedy, Macmillan and the Cold War: The Irony of Interdependence Church Committee (20 November 1975). Alleged assassination plots involving foreign leaders Crankshaw, trans. and ed. by Strobe Talbott. (1970). Khrushchev Remembers. Boston: Little, n.d. Cuban Missile Crisis. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Presidential Library and Museum, Hall, Rex and David Shayler. The Rocket Men: Vostok Voskhod, the first Soviet manned spaceflights. Springer, May 18, 2001. Hershberg, Jim. JFK and the Diem Coup: Declassified Records. National Security Archives, The George Washington University, Spring 1995, Kempe, Frederick. Berlin 1961. New York: G.P. Putnams Sons, 2011. Kennedy, Robert F., Thirteen Days: A Memoir of the Cuban Missile Crisis (New York: New American Library, n.d. Laos. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, LBJ. Biography, LBJ Presidential Library, National Retail Report-Dairy. Dairy Market News Branch, USDA, 16 Nov. 2018, OBrien, Steven. John F. Kennedy. American History, ABC-CLIO, 2018, Accessed 24 Nov. 2018. Poole, Walter S (2013), Adapting to Flexible Response, 1960â€Å"1968, Washington, DC: Office of the Secretary of Defense Schlesinger, Arthur M. Jr (2002) [1965]. A Thousand Days: John F. Kennedy in the White House. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. Space Program. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, The Bay of Pigs. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, JFK Library, The Cuban Missile Crisis, October 1962. Office of the Historian, U.S. Department of State, US Department of Veterans Affairs, and Veterans Health Administration. PTSD and Vietnam Veterans: A Lasting Issue 40 Years Later. Public Health, 7 May 2015, Wilson, John B. (1998). XII: Flexible Response. Maneuver and Firepower: The Evolution of Divisions and Separate Brigades. United States Army Center of Military History.

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An Overview Of Jerry Success Cineplex Business Essay - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 12 Words: 3730 Downloads: 5 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Business Essay Type Case study Did you like this example? Fundamental of Entrepreneurship is a subject of study entrepreneurial methods of management to establish a successful organization. Moreover, it allowed us to learn about the knowledge of identify, conceptualize and harvest new ventures. We can utilize such knowledge and to apply it in the functional areas towards the goal of commencing a business. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "An Overview Of Jerry Success Cineplex Business Essay" essay for you Create order The title of Fundamental of Entrepreneurship assignment is starting a new business. Jerry is a young graduate and has just starting a new business enterprise. As an experienced business executive, I was required to give advice to Jerry to succeed in his business. Task 1 discuss about the review of performance of Jerry Success Cineplex. Jerry Success Cineplex is in the industry of media and entertainment which provide film distribution service. Moreover, the Cineplex is located at Kinta City, Ipoh where it consists of 5 Cineplex halls with 750 seats. The profit that Jerry Success Cineplex had earned in 2012 is 25.2 Thousand. Task 2 regarding to the strength and weakness of Jerry Success Cineplex. The strength of Jerry Success Cineplex that allowed Jerry to gain over his competitors are the customers can purchase the movie tickets through internet, the seat is suitable and the movie they showing is more than the others Cineplex in Ipoh. On the contrary, Jerry Success Cineplexs weaknesses are the choice of snack foods and drinks they sell is less, the movie tickets price is expensive and the Cineplex does not provide bench at the entrance to Cineplex hall. Task 3 discuss about the plan of action that will capitalize on the Jerry Success Cineplexs strengths and overcome its weakness. Jerry should update his company website daily, maintain the sound system and air-condition system periodical and allocate the movie show time according to the sales to capitalize on his Cineplex strengths. On the other hand, Jerry should provide more choice of food and drink to the customers and using pull strategy to attract more customers, apply competition based pricing strategy and provide benches at waiting area to overcome its weakness. Finally, Task 4 discuss about the ways to maintained and strengthened the existing performance of Jerry Success Cineplex. In order to strengthen the existing performance, Jerry should take over, joint venture with another company an d expand his business to more shopping complex. Jerry also can reinforce his business performance through globalization. 2.1 Review of Performance Jerry is starting up a new business in media and entertainment industry. The business that Jerry operating is a Cineplex that provides the services of film distribution to his value customers. Jerrys new business name is Jerry Success Cineplex and it was located at Kinta City, Ipoh. As a result of Kinta City is nearby the town and the crowds of Kinta City are bustling, therefore, Jerry had chosen to operate Jerry Success Cineplex at Kinta City, Ipoh. 2.1.1 Overview of Jerry Success Cineplex Jerry Success Cineplex consists of five Cineplex halls. According to Tgvs overview website (2013), it stated that the invention of 3D movie is become popularity. In order to meet the expectation and satisfy customers demand, Jerry Success Cineplex had provided two digital screen movie halls for 3-Dimensional (3D) screening. Boswell, D. (2012, p.25) illustrates in his study that the term 3D is typically a reference to a motion picture that enhances the illusion of depth perception. Thus, within the five Cineplex halls, it has 3 normal screen movie halls for normal screening and two digital screen movie halls for 3D screening. Besides that, the total seats of Jerry Success Cineplex are 750 seats where each of the Cineplex halls consists of 150 seats. Out of 150 seats, 24 seats are couple seats in each Cineplex halls. On the other hand, the price of the movie ticket that Jerry Success Cineplex sell is depends on the types of seat and the day that their customers choose to watch the movie. For example, the ticket price for couple seats may more expensive than the normal seat, customers can purchase cheaper movie tickets on every Tuesday and the ticket sells on every Sunday will more expensive than the normal day. The customers who purchase at Jerry Success Cineplex include teenagers, single adults, married adults, married adults with kids, men and women. However, the range of customers who purchase to watch the movie is according to the film rating system. Earlier research (The Film Rating System (CARA) website, 2012) demonstrated that the main aim of film rating system is to provide information for the parents to decide whether the film is suitable for their family. Thus, the rating of movie is categorized into Guidance Audiences (G), Parental Guidance Suggested (PG), Parents Strongly Cautioned (PG13), Restricted (R) and No One 17 and under Admitted (NC17). (For more detail information, see Appendix A) For example, the movie of Flight by John Gatins is under restricted to 18 years and over of the film rating system. Thus, the people who less than 18 years old is not allowed watching this movie. However, the movie of the Spiders by Joseph Farrugia Tibor Takà ¡cs that showing recently is under the rating of Parents Strongly Guidance (PG13). PG13 represented that this movie may have mild sexual and/or drug references and it is suitable for the audience aged 13 and above. (For the motion picture rating system of the movie of Flight and Spiders, see appendix B1 B2) 2.1.2 Conclusion Finally, Jerry Success Cineplex is generating profit. The interest rate that Jerry Success Cineplex had made is 15% and the revenue is 25.2 thousand for 2012. It shows that Jerry Success Cineplexs business performance is at the growth stage. Therefore, Jerry is decided to improve his business to the maturity stage. 2.2 Strength and Weakness Every company has its strength and weakness. Strength is the traits of the company that are functional to achieving the objectives. Strength also refers to the advantages of a company has over its competitors. However, weakness refers to the attributes of the company that are destructive to achieving the objectives and it is the drawback of a company which may cause the company unable to suppress their competitors. 2.2.1 Strength of Jerry Success Cineplex The first strength of Jerry Success Cineplex is the Cineplex had provided the services of buying movie tickets via internet. Nowadays, technology has become very popular to human beings and it has brought a lot of advantages to the society in different field such as business, education, and entertainment. Thus, Jerry Success Cineplex is utilizing this point and allowed their customer to buy movie ticket via internet. In this way, the consumers can choose an appropriate time to watch the movie they want. Other than that, the office workers who go to the work from 9.00 a.m. until 5.00 p.m. may not have time to go to Jerry Success Cineplex to purchase movie tickets. Therefore, the services of buying movie tickets online by Jerry Success Cineplex allowed the customers do not need to utilize their lunch or break time to line up at the ticket counter to buy movie tickets. Secondly, the seats in Jerry Success Cineplex hall are wide and suitable. The model of seats that Jerry had sel ected is Reclining Cinema Chair HJ95B which had the certification of ISO9001:2000 ISO14001:2004. (For the information about the seats, see references C) Although the total seats within Jerry Success Cineplex is lesser than the others cinema in Ipoh, however, Jerry is persist to provide first class services and environment for their customers. It is because Jerry hopes that the consumers have a homely feel when they are watching movie at Jerry Success Cineplex. Furthermore, each of the seats in the Cineplex hall has provides a cup holder for the consumers to place their drinks. Finally, the numbers of movie that showing in Jerry Success Cineplex is more than the other Cinema in Ipoh. Every day, Jerry Success Cineplex will show 8 movies. The earliest movie showing time is 10:30 a.m while the latest movie showing time is 11:45 p.m. However, the latest movie showing time in weekend and holiday is 12:25 a.m. Besides that, each of the movies will show 3 times daily. This allowed the c onsumers who missed the movie has the chance to watch the movies at another time at the same day. 2.2.2 Weakness of Jerry Success Cineplex First of all, the choice of food and drinks that sells in Jerry Success Cineplex is less than its competitors. For example, one of the competitors of Jerry Success Cineplex, TGV cinema which located at Aeon Station 18, Ipoh has sells various types of snack food and drinks for the consumers who purchase at their Cinema. The snack food that TGV cinema sells include normal popcorn, caramel popcorn, sausage, mashed potato while their drinks include ,soft drink, Ice Lemon Tea, can drink such as Mocha and Latte. However, the snack food that Jerry Success Cineplex sells only has normal popcorn and biscuit while the drinks they sells merely mineral water, Coca-cola and Nescafe. Secondly, the movie ticket of Jerry Success Cineplex is more expensive than others cinema at Ipoh. For example, the movie ticket of TGV cinema at Aeon Station 18, Ipoh at normal day is RM10 while Jerry Success Cineplex sells their movie tickets price at RM13. Other than that, a movie ticket price of TGV Cinema on weekend and holiday is RM12 while Jerry Success Cineplex is RM15. Furthermore, TGV cinema sells the couple seats movie ticket at RM34 while the price of couple seats movie ticket at Jerry Success Cineplex is RM 40. Finally, Jerry Success Cineplex had not provided benches at the waiting area of the Cineplex. As a results of Jerry Success Cineplex does not provided benches for their customers who waiting for the movie opening time, the consumers will force to stand at the waiting area until the gate is open for them to enter to the Cineplex hall. In addition, it is inconvenience for the consumers who stand at the waiting area with holding their foods and drinks. 2.2.3 Conclusion In short, things are not perfect where everything with strengths must also have its weaknesses. The strengths and weaknesses of Jerry Success Cineplex has provides information that is useful in matching his business resources and capabilities with the competitive environment that it operate in. 2.3 Plan of Action After analyzed the strength of Jerry Success Cineplex, Jerry should implement various plan of action in order to reinforce the performance of his business. A study by Buchanan, J. (If Better is Possible, 2008, p.18) argues that if better is possible, good is not enough. Thus, Jerry should suggest action that will capitalize on the companys strengths. Other than that, the weakness of Jerry Success Cineplex would lead the business making loss. Therefore, Jerry must plan action to overcome its company weakness to gain over the competitors. 2.3.1 Plan of Action to Capitalize on the Strength One of the plan of action to capitalize on Jerry Success Cineplexs strength is to update the companys webpage daily. For example, Jerry needs to update the movies show time daily in order to allow his customers check the latest movie show time. Jerry also should provide the movie trailer and detail such as the synopsis, rating and language of the particular movie on his company webpage. Besides that, Jerry should offer a blog page on his company webpage to let the customers leave their comments and feedbacks after they watched the movie. In this way, the customers who want to buy movie tickets online can do a deep research about the movie they want to watch which helps them to allocate their time and decide an appropriate movie for the family. Secondly, a wide and suitable seat may not enough to satisfy customers needs. Therefore, Jerry also needs to ensure the customers able to purchase their services in a superior environment. For example, Jerry must instruct his employees to spend at least 15 minutes to clean up the Cineplex halls once the movie is end. Again, Jerry should maintain the sound system and air-conditional system of the Cineplex halls periodical in order to make sure the operation is able to work smoothly as well as to avoid any mistake happened at the movie showing time. Although Jerry Success Cineplex has provided various choices of movie for their customers, however, not every movie is acceptable by the customers and it may affect the sales of the movie drop. On the contrary, people will watch their favorite movie repeatedly because people love to learn and understand the things they love where it will make them happy. Earlier research (The Science of Re-runs website, 2012) had shown that if we can took at the underlying drivers of re-consumption, we can help business to better understand their customers and help them create products that consumers will use again and again. For example, if the box office of a particular movie is poo r, Jerry should plan to stop showing the movie in order to reduce wastage. However, if the box office of a particular movie is popular by the customers, Jerry should decide to extend the showing time of the movie. It is because it may allow Jerry to generate more profit by reducing the wastage. 2.3.2 Plan of Action to Overcome the Weakness Due to the choice of food and drinks that sells at Jerry Success Cineplex is less, therefore, Jerry should plan to provide more choices of food and drinks to sell at the Cineplex. In addition, Jerry can apply pull strategy to attract more customers. Padua, D. (2013, p.208) have proposed that a pull strategy involves motivating customers to seek out your brand in an active process. Thus, Jerry Success Cineplex can implement the pull strategy through sales promotion at the special days such as Chinese New Year, Valentines Day, and Christmas day. For example, Jerry Success Cineplex has showing the movie of Titanic on Valentines Day. Then, Jerry should provide limited edition couple mug with the image of the actor and actress of Titanic. Moreover, Jerry must carry out few terms and conditions for those who want to get the limited edition couple mug. For example, after the consumers purchase the foods and drinks above RM20, they should only add on another RM15 to get the limited edit ion couple mug. In this way, the consumers may buy more in order to get the limited edition couple mug and it may increase the sales and profits of Jerry Success Cineplex. Jerry Success Cineplexs movie ticket is more expensive than others cinema. In order to overcome this weakness, Jerry can apply one of the pricing strategies which known as competition based pricing. Pride, W. et al. (2011, p.385) have proposed that a company that apply competition based pricing strategy might decide to be lower than competitors price, slightly higher than competitors price or at the similar level. Thus, Jerry Success Cineplex can charge the same price on the movie ticket based on the price of movie tickets that its competitor charges. For example, if TGV cinema at Aeon Station 18, Ipoh sells its movie ticket at RM10, then, Jerry Success Cineplex should charge the same price level as TGV cinema charged. Macroeconomics in Context (Goodwin, N. et al., 2009) demonstrated that people tend to look for cheaper substitute. Therefore, Jerry Success Cineplex is able to attract more consumers to purchase at his Cineplex as the price of movie ticket is reduced and same as the other cinema. Finally, Jerry should provide few benches at the waiting area for the consumers who waiting for the movie opening time. Once Jerry had provided benches at the waiting area at his Cineplex, the customers do not need to stand in front of the waiting area with holding their foods and drinks. Other than that, it allowed parents able to look after their children by let the children sit at the benches and waiting for the movie. 2.3.4 Conclusion It is important for Jerry to develop plan of action in order to capitalize the strengths and overcome the weaknesses of Jerry Success Cineplex. It is because it may improve the performance of Jerry Success Cineplex. Hence, different strategies such as pull strategy and competition based pricing strategy need to apply in the business to overcome the business weaknesses. 2.4 Improvement Growth Jerry wants advice from an experienced business executive to help him investigate the ways in which the business existing performance could be maintained and strengthened. In order to improve the growth of Jerry Success Cineplex, few suggestions are giving to Jerry for him to expand his business. The ways for Jerry Success Cineplex to strengthen his business are takeover and joint venture with another company. Jerry also can expand his business to more shopping complex through bidding and globalization. 2.4.1 Ways to Maintain and Strengthen Business Performance People tends to takeover others business when their business growth bigger. Machirajus Merges, Acquisitions and Takeovers (2007, p.3) asserts that takeover refers to change in the controlling interest of a company. Takeover not only allowed the businesss new owner to perform their business effectively and efficiently, it is also enables the company to retain the existing market share and avoid administrative procedure. It is because the new businesss owner already had established customer network as well as the past experience in overseeing and coordinating in their past business. For example, Jerry Success Cineplex and ABC Cineplex are two different Cineplex that serving different areas customers. Then, Jerry has capital to buy ABC Cineplex and ABC Cineplex is willing to sell the Cineplex to Jerry. Once ABC Cineplex takeover by Jerry Success Cinema, ABC Cineplex will not exist anymore and the whole ABC Cineplex will be organized by Jerry Success Cineplex. Hence, Jerry Success C ineplex is able to retain its existing market share as well as expand his business. In order to achieve growth, Jerry may decide to implement joint venture. Joint Venture in the International Arena (Prescott, D. Swartz, S., 2008) commented that joint venture refers to a joint undertaking by two existing business in which they share risk, control and management. When a company performs joint venture, the whole supply chain is owned by the company itself. Hence, the company is able to share strength, reduce risks and increase competitive advantages in the market place. For example, Jerry Success Cineplex joint ventures with Fee Fye Confectionery Sdn. Bhd. and Foe Fum Beverages Sdn. Bhd. that supply snack food and soft drinks to his Cineplex. Then, Jerry Enterprise will form to control Fee Fye Confectionery Sdn. Bhd. and Foe Fum Beverage Sdn. Bhd. In the end, Jerry Enterprise may also supply to certain outlet and Jerry may joint ventures with their consumers again. In this way, Jerrys businesses will growth bigger and he is capable to expand his business in the future. Besides takeover and joint venture, Jerry can strengthened his business through expanding Jerry Success Cineplex to more Shopping Complex at another states. In order to expand Jerry Success Cineplex to more Shopping Complex, Jerry should actively bid for the contract to build his Cineplex in the coming new shopping Complex. Once Jerry gets the rights to build his Cineplex in new shopping Complex, he is able to expand his business to other states within Malaysia. In addition, its business wills growth bigger and the market share will be increased. After expand the business to other states in Malaysia successfully, Jerry can plan to globalize his business in the future. Economic globalization is a historical process, the result of human innovation and technological progress. It refers to the increasing integration of economies around the world, particularly through trade and financial fl ows. The terms sometimes also refers to the movement of people (labor) and knowledge (technology) across international borders. As a result of globalization refers to the process where each and every countrys international market and production become increasingly interdependent as a consequence of changing dynamic of products and services, hence, it assists expand economic freedom and spurs competition. The research shows (Erwin, J. Smith, Z., 2008, p.2) globalization raises the productivity and living standards of people in countries that open themselves to the global marketplace. For example, if Jerry expands Jerry Success Cineplex to the foreign country, it will bring benefits to the citizen in Malaysia where globalization has reduced poverty and assists our countrys living standard growth rapidly. 2.4.2 Conclusion In a conclusion, people tend to expand their business rather than pristine guarding a business when their business growth bigger. Therefore, Jerry is looking for different ways to improve and expand his business. As an experienced business executive, I had recommended Jerry to growth his business through take over and joint venture with another company. Besides that, Jerry may expand his business to more Shopping Complex at other states or considered to globalize his business to the world. 3.0 Conclusion and Recommendation In Task 1, I had stated the business performance of Jerry Success Cineplex. First and foremost, Jerry Success Cineplex is generating profit. The revenue of Jerry Success Cineplex at 2012 is 25.2 Thousand. Jerry Success Cineplex consists of 5 Cineplex halls with the total of 750 seats. Then, customers who purchase at Jerry Success Cineplex include teenagers, adults, married adults and married adults with kids as well as men and women. In task 2, I found out that every business will has its strengths and weakness. Moreover, the strengths of a company also known as the competitive advantages that enable the company to utilize these advantages to gain over their competitors in the same industry. On the other hand, the weaknesses of a company also refer to the dangers that lead the business making loss. Thus, Jerry should identify and understand Jerry Success Cineplexs strengths and weaknesses in order to capitalize on the companys strength and overcome its weakness by implement diff erent strategy. Task 3 regards to the plan of action that will capitalize on the Jerry Success Cineplexs strengths and the ways to overcome its weaknesses. Based on the drawbacks of Jerry Success Cineplex, I would advise Jerry to using the pull strategy and competition based pricing strategy to overcome its weakness. On the other hand, the actions to capitalize Jerry Success Cineplex is Jerry should update his company website daily, improve the sound system and conditional system periodical and decide the period of showing the particular movie properly. Finally, I had learned the ways to maintain and expand business. Based on my opinion, the few advise that I had given to Jerry for expand his business is takeover and joint venture with another company, operate the Cineplex to more shopping complex at another states in Malaysia and globalization.

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Essay on Adoption as an Option for Infertile Women

Imagine getting married to the love of your life, knowing from the day that you first laid eyes on him that he was the one that was going to father the children that you would have in the coming years. Three months after having the wedding of your dreams, you find out you are pregnant after two years of trying to conceive and you could not be happier. Celebrating with friends and family eager to share with them the good news that you were expecting a miracle after almost giving up, you are jubilant. After trying for so long and succeeding? (I don’t know what word I want to put there yet) nothing could possibly go wrong. In the following days, you have come to learn that the one thing you longed for, was suddenly taken away from you as you†¦show more content†¦Some of the underlying issues with fertility treatments are that some couples have to repeat the whole process of treatments two to three times before the treatment works. Many times, couples are left having to s pend tens of thousands of dollars. The outcome from in vitro fertilization varies from couple to couple. A big concern for the sergeant mother is that it can sometimes cost more than an adoption. Having another woman carry your baby is stressful, you don’t know the life they live behind closed doors, or what they are putting into their body, it is hard to determine if your baby is out of harms way. And, when looking into adoption the biggest question is to choose International or Domestic. Whether you are adopting a child internationally or domestically you are doing the best thing anyone could do by offering a child a place to call home. When adopting internationally rather than domestically you have given a child the opportunity to experience freedom in the United States, where they will be able to experience the beauty that life has to offer. In many other countries children are left with inadequate water, no food, and no shelter. These orphans suffer daily going without f ood, which are clothed with dirty clothes, some do not receive the love and affection that is needed to grow strong and healthy,Show MoreRelatedEmbryo Adoption : A Only Of A Kind Thing1613 Words   |  7 PagesEmbryo adoption also known as embryo donation is a one of a kind thing. Couples who are infertile typically chose in vitro fertilization (IVF), intrauterine insemination (IUI), adoption, or a less common method of embryo adoption. Couple who choose the first, IVF, go through a process of obtaining eggs and sperm, allowing the embryo(s) to form outside of the body, and then having the embryo implanted into the mother’s uterus. Typically, multiple embryos are developed and the parents either chooseRead MoreCross culturally fertility and childbearing are a major concern due to the significance of passing1400 Words   |  6 Pagesthe other women. Until a woman gives birth she is unable to partake in the â€Å"women’s association meetings†, a major social opp ortunity. Therefore, the women deemed infertile by the community are are socially isolated from the other women. This kind of isolation can adversely affect their psychological health and potentially leading to a sense of identity loss, depression, and low self-esteem (Kleinman, 1992). Furthermore, the impact of infertility on their marriages is great. These women are oftenRead More surrogate mothers Essay1148 Words   |  5 PagesSarah resorted to a quot;surrogate motherquot; that produced their son Ishmael. 2NEED – Surrogate motherhood fills a need for infertile couples. 2.4 million infertile married American couples. It is estimated that one in six couples are affected by some degree of infertility. Many people are marrying later and are delaying having children. After age 45, about 95% of women are unable to conceive on their own. Surrogate mothers also fill the need for non-traditional families including the gay and lesbianRead MoreModern Surrogacy: Choosing between Traditional or Gestational1193 Words   |  5 PagesYes, there is money involved, but the money is not in trade for the child so much as it is to pay for hospital bills, legal fees, embryonic transference process costs and agency fees. Surrogacy in America, when valid, is a legal process, just like adoption; therefore, it must be done through attorneys or agencies. Some people, like Charles Dougherty of the Center for Health Policy and Ethics, believe that â€Å"it might cause future generations, for example, to think of the human embryo or fetus as interchangeableRead MoreSurrogate Motherhood Is Considered The Most Controversial Form Of Medically Assisted Conception Essay1387 Words   |  6 PagesSurrogate motherhood is considered the most controversial form of medically assisted conception. Surrogacy is defined as an arrangement by which a woman gives birth to a baby on behalf of a woman who is incapable of conceiving babies herself or is infertile. The issue of surrogacy has been running for almost three decades. Elizabeth Cane was the first woman in the United States to legally become a surrogate mother in 1980 (Chittom and Wagner). Surrogate births are illegal in many countries, includingRead MoreSurrogate Mothers : The Topic Of Many Controversies1075 Words   |  5 Pagesperiod September 23rd, 2015 Surrogate Mothers Surrogate mothers have been the topic of many controversies, regarding how ethical it is. As many know surrogate mothers are women who bear a child for another woman (Surrogacy: the experiences of surrogate mothers, 2196-2204). There has been many sides to this argument, deciding whether it was ethical or unethical. Some people have chosen to support this type of medical practiceRead MoreThe Issue Of Reproductive Cloning833 Words   |  4 PagesSolutions to end this horrendous procedure is to enforce reproductive cloning to be prohibited throughout countries/continents and discontinue research regards to human cloning. Infertility couples and gender-identical couples have other options such as adoption and In Vitro fertilization. Medical schools and students should raise awareness concerning the dangers of cloning. Counseling groups with family members and individuals who lost their loved ones would be another solution. If this procedureRead MoreLiving A Wonderful Life : A Life Full Of Friends And Loving Relationships1666 Words   |  7 Pageseager to start your new life together. As you settle in you and your partner decide you want child. Except you two are an infertile couple. Adopting is one option, but wouldn’t it be great to have a child that is genetically similar to you, to see them grow up. Cloning could provide an efficient way to find resistance and cures to diseases while providing an option to infertile couples. Human cloning is the process of using nuclear transfer, (a process of dna transfer) to a human cell in order toRead MoreWhy Is Cloning? Living A Wonderful Life?1668 Words   |  7 Pageseager to start your new life together. As you settle in you and your partner decide you want child. Except you two are an infertile couple. Adopting is one option, but wouldn’t it be great to have a child that is genetically similar to you, to see them grow up. Cloning could prov ide an efficient way to find resistance and cures to diseases while providing an option to infertile couples. Human cloning is the process of using nuclear transfer, (a process of dna transfer) to a human cell in order toRead MoreShould Surrogacy Be Legal?1880 Words   |  8 Pageslong process. By that point, the child could be born and in a normal routine with the surrogate mother. Surrogacy is not a logical solution to infertility. Another option besides surrogacy could be adoption. Adoption for some couples is very useful; these couples find satisfaction in it. Some, however do not perfer adoption. Adoption can be a very long process. There are some children in foster care who are very desirable children. These children are wanted by many different families. Because so